• One Stop Source for Online GoldMine Training
  • Online Videos Available 24 x 7 x 365
  • End User Topics including Managing Contacts & Calendars
  • Marketing Topics including Filters & Advanced Filters
  • Designed for GoldMine Standard, Corporate, and Premium Users
  • How to use GoldMine’s built-in tools to target your customers, prospects, etc.
  • How to use GoldMine’s Filters for Fine Tuned & Laser Targeted Marketing
  • Groups – and why they can be great ways to create ‘Hot Lists’ for marketing.
  • Leveraging the power of e-mail templates for personalized one-off and mass e-mails.
  • The secret for fool-proof mass e-mail delivery.
  • Incorporating graphics and HTML to make your e-mails shine.
GoldMine Guide to SQL Queries
  • See all accounts without an email address
  • See a list of all primary and secondary contacts, together
  • Loose clients because you forget to contact them for 6 (3? 2?) months?
  • Need to develop a call list of all prospects that were entered into the system last year
  • Want to see how many prospects came from each lead source?
  • Need to see who is tagged with a particular merge code?
  • Struggle to develop lists for mailing out holiday cards, brochures, new product announcements
Crystal Reports for GoldMine
  • 49 Crystal Reports Designed for GoldMine!
  • Contract Profile Reports
  • Calendar & Schedule Printouts
  • Daily Schedules & To Dos
  • Call & Appointment Analysis
  • Opportunity Manager Reports
  • Manager Reports
  • Forecasted Sale Reports
  • Service Module Reports
Master Dashboards in GoldMine 9.0
  • Introduction to Dashboards
  • The Dashboard Development Environment
  • The Datasource Manager and Tables
  • Summary Datasources & Charts
  • Limiting the data with drop downs and calendars
  • The Review
  • External Data Sources
Putting the Automation in Sales Force Automation: Automated Processes for GoldMine
  • Understanding Automated Processes
  • The Automated Processes Center
  • Understanding Events, Triggers and Actions
  • Creating a Lead List Track
  • Creating a Drip e-Marketing Track
  • Creating a Warm/Hot Prospect Track
  • Creating a Observer Track
  • Executing Automated Processes

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