Lookup.ini and Ranges

October 7, 2016

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Yes, I am still alive!  I know its been a while since our last blog post, but I’ll try to make it up to you in the near future!

I received an email question on the lookup.ini and how to use it to deal with ranges.  So, for example, we want to assign our sales rep by the employee count of a contact.

There’s some good basic information on how to create and where to find the lookup.ini in GoldMine’s help file so we won’t go too much into detail on that.  Basically, it’s a file that tells GoldMine to auto-populate some fields based on others.  For our example here we’re assuming we have a custom field, UEES, # of Employees, that tracks a contact’s number of employees.  We then want to auto-populate the Key4, Account Manager, field based on that.

Lookup INI 1

Our criteria is going to be:

<= 99: Mike
100 – 499: Bill
> 500: Sam

The basic syntax we’re going to be using here is iif(Expression,True,False).  So if the expression is true, it returns the middle section of the formula, and false the end. We’re then going to nest some additional iif in the false area so we can do multiple evaluations. Here’s the code and a screen shot of what the lookup.ini would look like for this:

iif(contact2->uees <= 99, ‘Mike’, iif(contact2->uees >= 100 .and. contact2->uees <= 499, ‘Bill’, iif(contact2->uees >= 500,’Sam’,’Error’)))

Lookup INI 2

I’ve been doing some cool things with Dashboards recently, I think we’ll try to feature some of them in the next posts.  Until then, enjoy the Spring!

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