Some Data Analysis – What Data is in a Field?

October 11, 2015

in GoldMine Tips,SQL Query

Anytime you’re using a system like GoldMine, it’s a good idea to evaluate how often a field is populated and the different values that are being put in. asics noir soldes For example, here we have our Industry field. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Industry Are people using it? If so how many records do we have for the different industries? Fortunately this is an easy question to answer with a pretty simple SQL Query. chaussures timberland soldes First, however, you’ll need to do a Right-Click | Properties on the field to get the field name. This is how it’s referenced in the database. New Balance 574 femme Industry Properties So our SQL Query to analyze this will be:

SELECT key3, count(*) as '#' FROM contact1 GROUP BY key3

Simply copy and past the SQL Query into Tools | SQL Query and hit query. adidas stan smith homme bleu You’ll see a result like this. adidas gazelle femme You’ll notice there’s two blank areas, one for blanks and one for nulls, but essentially they’re the same thing. New Balance 1600 homme Query You can switch out the fields just be sure to change the name after the select as well as after the group by. chaussures louboutin You can also use this for other tables, for example contact2, for custom fields, just change the table name after the FROM.

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