Spring Cleaning of Duplicate Email Addresses

October 9, 2014

in GoldMine Tips


Spring is finally here and it’s time for some Spring cleaning on our GoldMine database!

Here’s a SQL Query that’ll show you any duplicate email addresses you have in GoldMine. Air Jordan 14 Homme This is probably one of the most important queries you can run to ensure that any email blasts you do via GoldMine don’t result in duplicate emails being sent to the same person.

SELECT   ,           Adidas Yeezy 550 Homme   ,           Adidas Powerlift 3 Homme cs.contsupref,           Adidas NMD Femme c1.accountno FROM     contact1 c1          INNER JOIN contsupp cs          ON       c1.accountno      = cs.accountno WHERE    ISNULL(cs.contsupref,  timberland soldes hommes '') <> '' AND      cs.contsupref IN          (SELECT  contsupref          FROM     contsupp          WHERE    CONTSUPP.rectype = 'P'          AND      CONTSUPP.Contact = 'E-mail Address'          GROUP BY contsupref          HAVING   COUNT(*) > 1          ) ORDER BY

Simply copy and paste into GoldMine’s SQL Query window and hit query.

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