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GoldMine 7.x





6.60.50101 (Corporate Edition Only)
6.70.70226 (Last Version of GoldMine Standard Edition)

7.00.70302 AKA 7.0.4 (GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.0)

7.51.81009 (GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.5)
8.03.80716 AKA 8.0.3 (GoldMine Premium Edition 8.0) (GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5)

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GoldMine & CompanionLink…  If you need your GoldMine Contacts, Calendar, and/or Tasks to export/sync with a BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile Device, or Palm Device, here’s your tutorial.

I am a big fan of CompanionLink because it just works so darn well.

Here’s an introduction to CompanionLink & GoldMine.  If you’re ready to purchase CompanionLink be sure to use CompanionLink Affinity Code TB5222!

Be sure to use CompanionLink Affinity Code TB5222 when purchasing!

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Two new versions of GoldMine to announce.  Both are available now.

1) GoldMine 6.70.61214

Available to all users of GoldMine 6.7, both Corporate and Standard, and those current or lapsed on UPP (Standard Edition) or Maintenance (Corporate Edition).

There are a few bug fixes but the main purposes of this release is to make GoldMine 6.7 compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0.  If you're on GoldMine 6.x or below this really would be the release to be on.  No version of GoldMine below 6.7 will be updated for IE7 compatibility.

Full release notes are available here:

2) GoldMine 7.00.61201 aka GoldMine 7.0.4

Available to all users of GoldMine Corporate Edition who are current on their maintenance.

The main purpose of this new build is a collection of bug fixes.  The most important of which should improve the functionality of sync but there are probably 80 others or so.   New features in this build include: Performance enhancements associated with using a FireBird database, Updated Palm sync capability supporting the latest versions of the Palm OS, and compatibility with Crystal Reports XI.

If you're on GoldMine 7.0 this is probably the build to be on.

Full release notes are available here:

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With this post we’re adding a new category called GoldMine 7.x to the blog, in which we’ll showcase new features, changes, fixes, etc. that were added in GoldMine 7.0…

Previously in GoldMine when we changed, deleted, or completed a recurring activity, an activity scheduled against multiple contacts, or an activity scheduled for multiple users we would see a cryptic "Cautionary Notification" with a Yes/No answer.  Yes would change, delete, or complete all of the activities while no would change, delete, or complete just the current activity.

In GoldMine 7.0 FrontRange has improved this message so it’s obvious if you are going to be performing your action against a single activity or all the activities.


Some Changes in 7.0

November 11, 2006

in GoldMine 7.x

Here are some under the hood changes to GoldMine 7.0… 

Datadict.dbf is out, replaced with datadict.xml.  Datadict is the data dictionary, field definitions, etc.

Flags.dbf is out, replaced with flags.dat.  Flags keeps track of how many people are logged into GoldMine.

License.dbf is out, replaced with license.bin.  Keeps track of your license information.

Users.dbf is out, replaced with a users table.  The user list is now a part of the SQL Database!  This will be very nice for reporting.

Users_info.bin stores SQL login information.

DBAlias.ini is new.  This stores database information (server name, database, login, etc. the GoldMine and Contact Set tables.)

There were also some structural changes to the tables:

cal.number2 changed from an INT to a float.
opmgr.f3 is now 20 characters.
syslog.siteid is now 40 characters.
gssites.siteid is now 40 characters.
conthist.units is now 20 characters.

One enhancement in GoldMine 7.0 is the ‘Quick Action’ buttons in the Contact Search Center (Where you go to find a contact records).  With these buttons, you can schedule, perform a mail or email merge, or add a contact(s) to a group or distribution list.  Simply select the contact to perform the action for, or use Control-Click on several contacts to perform these actions.