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GoldMine is, of course, a great tool for managing your activities. Nike Flyknit Lunar 4 femme It’s quick and easy to schedule yourself reminder phone calls, next actions, appointments, etc. Adidas Zx 700 Femme Noir Let’s say, though, that you’ve created yourself a filter of all your prospects, and want to schedule yourself calls to 10 of these a day. Nike Air Max Thea Homme Noir First, create your filter. ff14 gil for sale Then start scheduling a call as you normally would. Nike Free Rn Flyknit Homme I typed “Prospect FUP” into the reference. Nike Air Max 90 Homme From the drop-down next to contact linking select Filter or group. new balance pas cher (Note: this is for GoldMine 8.5 and higher). new balance soldes goldmine-mass-schedule-1 After selecting your filter or group you’ll notice the contact name is replaced with the filter name. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Et Blanc goldmine-mass-schedule-2 Then select your options from the Series tab.

The latest GoldBox enhancements are now available from the Downloads page of the web site. Adidas Zx Flux Femme Porte Here’s a quick summary: [click to continue…]

GoldBox 2009-Q Released

October 4, 2009

in GoldBox

RotaryTable() added as a new Function. Louboutin Pas Cher Effectively replaces RoundRobin(), PushField(), Generate() and GX_Long_Expression(). asics gel nimbus femme You can test this one out directly from the Expression Builder. Nike Air Max Thea Homme Noir SmoothQuote() added as new Function. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Et Rose Used in Merge Field expressions for SQL Queries, when the field you are evaluating may contain an apostrophe or single-quote, such as a Last Name, Contact Name, Street Name or Company Name. nike air max 1 essential femme Merge-Purge now allows your Duplicate Expression RESULT to be a maximum of 250 characters, an increase from 99. The freeware BR7 Utility is enhanced to allow a customized data entry screen, including field labels, mouse tips, screen title, on-screen scrollable instructions and lookup lists. That final item – lookups – is huge, and why? Because you can either hardcode in lookup lists or, query ANY accessible table on your system to generate them. Used in conjunction with RotaryTable() and a Q-file, you now have an effective method of capturing user input for customized Merge Field values in downstream GoldBox operations. final fantasy 14 gold Or, basic data entry for any queried data on your system. Nike Lunartempo Homme Q-file Acknowledgment event, whereby the automation script is paused and then resumed by the User, is enhanced to NOT resume if a specific Windows application (such as BR7 Utility for data entry) is still open. Adidas Zx 700 Homme The Query Builder for GoldBox-7 and GoldBox-SQL now allows you to double-right-click the ODOMETER icon at the top corner of the screen, and generate a Fields List in the Query instead of the asterisk * character. This is handy when you wish to select a block of fields – perhaps most of the fields in a table. Prior to this, you had to key them in, or select them one by one from the Fields List. asics gel nimbus 16 homme Now you can have GoldBox auto-generate the Query’s Fields List, and then quite easily remove those you wish to exclude.

GoldMine uses 3 slightly different User-Date-Time banners for Main Notes entries (depending on version or settings). adidas neo homme GoldBox's Notes Migrator, louboutin pas cher which parses these individual entries as History items, louboutin sneakers now transparently tests for all 3 UDT banner formats. nike free 5.0 uomo grigio Literally you can have all 3 formats present within the same Main Note, nike air jordan 4 donna and the Migrator will catch them all.

You will now be prompted for the Detail Type at the Setup wizard, which is then auto-inserted into the appropriate areas of the Import Setup (including the Mapping screen). Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Et Blanc Custom labels, if they exist, are fetched and written into the Detail mapping template. louboutin baske This is especially useful when you are "plugging in" more than one Detail Type.

The default template for this feature-rich capability was updated, asics france to take advantage of the advancements in GoldBox technology. Below is a quick link to an example of how expansive this GoldBox View can become. Nike SB Eric Koston femme Note that Yes/No inputs (for illustration) are being handled in 3 distinct manners: Radiobutton; Dropdown List; Checkbox. adidas stan smith femme bleu And yet the Automobile Quote is being stored entirely as a sync-aware GoldMine Detail record.

GoldBox Updated

October 13, 2008

in GoldBox

FIELD CLEANUP: Do you need to see an instant listing of all unique values in a GoldMine field? Perhaps you are looking to expunge stray values from a critical field, for reporting, email blasts, exports, group building. Distinct field values can be listed with a SQL Query, such as:
Select Distinct KEY3 from CONTACT1 Order By KEY3

GoldBox has the Unique Field Listing to provide a bit more:

1. Case-sensitivity. CUSTOMER and Customer and CUSTomer would all be broken out separately as unique field entries. In the above SQL statement, they would all be seen as the same.

2. You get columns displaying the number of records filled by the value, the percentage of the table containing that value, plus entries showing the total number of records and the total number of unique values.

3. It’s FAST. A before and after test on a 43,000 record table revealed:
GoldBox 2008-U: 18 minutes
GoldBox 2008-W: 5 seconds

4. Instant report generation. Your default TXT editor (such as Notepad) immediately pops open with the results. This can be used as a guide while you perform standardizations on the field, either through manual entry or Global Replace.

GOLDBOX BROWSER: Expect major speed improvements for Global Replace, Delete, UN-delete and the Filled Field Count report. At the Options dropdown, any table open in GXBrowser can now be closed and RE-opened in the BR7 Utility.

LOCATOR LOGIC: GoldBox has the best Import and Export technology available for your GoldMine data. At the Field Mapping Templates, accessing particular fields can prove challenging, especially if we’re talking about a Main Contact File with 250+ user-defined fields. In 2008-W, you can quickly move around the template with partial searches on all of the major columns. You also get NEXT logic, whereby clicking a button takes you to the next occurrence, then the next and so forth. Look for the Locator at the bottom row of the Field Mapping screens for Import and Export.

CONTACT FILE VERIFIER: Introduced in version 2008-U. Enhanced to identify ACCOUNTNOs containing single-quotes, which, as we know, can cause some issues with SQL Queries. If desired, those records can be given a new Alpha-Numeric ONLY Accountno value with GoldBox’s ACCOUNTNO Regenerator (at Global Replace).

The VERIFIER also points out discrepancies between original field values and their U_Field counterparts. The U_Fields are indexed, and this new capability lets you identify and optionally update the U_Fields directly.

QUERY BUILDER: The advanced SQL Query Builder now recognizes UPDATE and DELETE FROM statements and will operate directly upon your table should you decide to use them. Exercise CAUTION when doing so.

SEAT PURCHASE: This has been improved and simplified, when you wish to add Seat Licenses for GoldBox Views.

GoldBox Updated

July 10, 2008

in GoldBox

June 16, 2008  (2008-Q for GoldBox-7, GoldBox-SQL)
ADDED: (GX7 / GXSQL ONLY) At the Import / Update Setup screen, you can now select to auto-convert a Text File into the Source Table.  Previously, you could only do this with a Q-file entry.  Ideal for RECURRING Imports.  

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I've also added a Category for GoldBox…  

GOLDBOX-SQL 2007-B on 1-June-2007  (GoldMine 6.7x and earlier, hosted in MSSQL)

GOLDBOX-5 2007-B on 1-June-2007  (GoldMine hosted in dBASE tables)

GOLDBOX-7 2007-B on 1-June-2007  (GoldMine 7 in MSSQL and GoldMine Premium Edition)

Dave is at it again!  GoldBox 7, “The World’s Largest Add-On for CRM” has been updated (Patch 2007 A) for compatibility with GoldMine Premium Edition.

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GoldBox 7 Re-Released!

September 21, 2006

in GoldBox,Misc.

GoldBox 7 has been re-released from RedStoneSoftbase…  GoldBox is pretty much the premier data manipulation add-on for GoldMine, central features include:

  • Import/Update – GoldMine & dBase tables
  • Export from GoldMine & dBase tables
  • Merge-Purge Main Contacts
  • Global Replace GoldMine & dBase tables
  • Global Delete GoldMine & dBase tables
  • Archive Main Notes to History Items
  • Convert BDE table to dBase
  • Automation – Scripting – Timer Launch
  • GoldBox Views (live link to outside data)
  • Mirror – Update any accessible outside table
  • Wild Card Referencing
  • Group Builder / Groups-by-Break
  • Organization Chart Creator
  • Hub-n-Spoke Referral Generator
  • Global Path & User Name Changer
  • Modify any GoldMine Lookup List
  • INI Settings Replicator
  • Merge-Purge any accessible outside table
  • Dedupe GoldMine & dBase tables

GoldBox 7 was recently pulled from from the market due to problemes with its interaction with GoldMine 7.  I am pleased to note that I do have it working on my test system with GoldMine 7.0.3 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.