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CompanionLink Affinity Code – Use TB5222

Fixes in companionlink.exe 4/2/2012 build 5028 DejaConnect USB is now gold release status. louboutin soldes Fixed an issue where modified records on the PC could sometimes duplicate when syncing with Local Wi-Fi Sync and DejaConnect USB. Nike Blazer High homme Added support for SugarCRM 6.4.x. nike air jordan 7 uomo Fixed issue where address mapping could be lost when changing sync methods in the CL setup wizard. Fixed issues finding Outlook BCM subfolders. nike air zoom pegasus 33 homme Fixed daylight saving time issues with Brisbane, Australia time zone. Stability improvements with autosync. New Balance 446 homme Added support for syncing unicode characters with Palm Desktop v4. adidas nmd enfants Fixed issues syncing Lotus Notes journal with DejaConnect. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme Noir Fixed issue where CompanionLink would sometimes display a bogus error message during DejaConnect autosync. Adidas Zx Flux Femme Speed improvements for sync with GoldMine.

I’ve been a long time user of CompanionLink for syncing GoldMine with applications like Outlook as well as my iPhone. ugg auatralia The folks at CompanionLink have recently released a major new release 5.0, ugg pas cher which has a great new user interface for syncing GoldMine with Outlook, adidas yeezy boost 350 femme iPhones, Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Android devices, chaussure de tennis asics etc. chaussures timberland soldes I just tested out the GoldMine to Gmail sync for contacts and am very impressed! Worked like a charm.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 3/22/2011 build 4036 * Additional fix for the issue where USB sync would fail for some Android users. The general issue was addressed in build 4035. ugg australia Build 4036 includes a fix for a special case of the issue, which affects Android devices that use the most recent SQLite SDK. As of 3/22/2011, this still appears to be a very limited subset of Android devices presently available. Fixes in companionlink.exe 3/21/2011 build 4035 * Fixed an issue where USB sync would fail for some Android DejaOffice users. New Balance 515 femme * Added Outlook fields “Office” and “Children” for DejaOffice for iPhone via WiFi. asics gel noosa tri 8 femme Fixes in companionlink.exe 3/14/2011 build 4034 * Fixed issue where DejaOffice for Android databases were sometimes unreadable due to an sdk update. nike air zoom pegasus 31 donna * Fixed issue syncing Chinese/unicode characters to DejaOffice via WiFi. Problem only existed when using Chinese/Hong Kong locale in Windows. * Fixed issue where the “Transfer Cleared” setting was not displayed in some multi-profile configurations. * Fixed issue where accounts in BCM were prepended with “Acct:”. Adidas Zx Flux Femme Rose * Fixed issue where task priorities were syncing incorrectly from PDT 6.2 to Android DejaOffice. nike air max 90 uomo scontate * Fixed issue where recurring event end dates were not syncing correctly from PDT 6.2 for time zones east of GMT. * Fixed issue syncing contacts from Google if they originated on iPhone. * Fixed bug where the completed field for PDT6 would not sync to Android via all sync methods. * Improved handling of Outlook meeting attendees when syncing with DejaOffice for Android. * Improved support for syncing recurring task alarms with DejaOffice for Android. * Added feature where “Other” Gmail contacts without name or company are ignored. This prevents nameless, email-only contacts from syncing. * Added support for syncing more GroupWise contact fields. New Balance France * Added support for syncing additional contact fields with Lotus Notes 8. Officiel Christian Louboutin Fixes in companionlink.exe 3/2/2011 build 4033 * Fixed issue where “improper argument” error could be generated during WiFi sync. louboutin pas cher femme * Added ability to apply Outlook category filter separately for contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes (under the Category Filter tab).

Fixes in companionlink.exe 1/11/2011 build 4029 – Added support for syncing GTD and TBYL Outlook add-ins. nike air max 1 og femme – Added support for syncing Note Title field with iPhone (requires DejaOffice 1.1.4 or higher). Adidas Zx 750 Homme – Added support for syncing Location field for iPhone tasks (requires DejaOffice 1.1.4 or higher). – Added support for syncing Spouse field with DejaOffice for iPhone. – Added support for syncing Profession field with DejaOffice for iPhone. – Fixed a bug where CL could attempt to automatically synchronize prior to setting a wireless username/password (CLSH only). Nike Air Max Griffey Homme – Added support for synching T&C alpha-style task priorities with DejaOffice. asics gel nimbus 17 uomo – Added ability to change the password for an existing wireless account (see Change Password button on the Username/Password screen in CL). Fixes in companionlink.exe 12/22/2010 build 4028 – Fixed a bug where synchronizing could corrupt the Palm Desktop calendar in some cases (Palm Desktop 4.1.4 only). Nike Homme – Added support for synching the location field for Outlook and ACT! tasks. – Added support for synching Franklin Covey style priorities for Outlook tasks (FC priorities sync to the “A1” field in Outlook, if it exists). Nike Air Huarache enfants Fixes in companionlink.exe 12/20/2010 build 3111 – Fixed issue where CompanionLink would fail to detect that BlackBerry Desktop Software version 6.0.1.x was installed. asics gel noosa tri 10 homme Fixes in companionlink.exe 12/16/2010 build 4027 – Fixed issue where CompanionLink would fail to detect that BlackBerry Desktop Software version 6.0.1.x was installed. – Fixed various issues parsing/formatting Google addresses. – Fixed issue where completed Palm Desktop tasks weren’t being removed from DejaOffice for Android. – Fixed a bug where Field Mapping settings would not save when in German language. – Fixed a bug where recurring exceptions would sync incorrectly between Lotus Notes and Google. – Fixed a bug where CL would engage autosync for profiles that were configured for manual sync only. – Fixed issue where the sync summary text in the CL setup window would not update for some configurations. asics kayano 24 homme – Fixed issue displaying GoldMine User IDs when configured for BlackBerry.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 5/23/2011 build 4044 – Added logic to increase update sync speed for Outlook and/or Google sync. – Fixed issue where sync with Google would occasionally prompt for .NET 2.0 installation. Nike Flyknit Lunar femme – Fixed issue where edited instances of GoldMine 9 recurring events would not sync without a reread. – Added support for syncing contact linking info with Zoho calendar events. Adidas Superstar Femme Rose – Cleaned up some minor UI issues under the Applications tab. – Stability enhancements for Secure Hosted Sync. – Stability enhancements for GroupWise sync. nike air max zero femme – (Pro only) Added support for syncing Palm custom fields 5 – 9 to Blackberry contact note. nike air jordan 13 uomo – Fixed issue syncing certain company names with Salesforce. – Added support for syncing Outlook tasks created from email via drag and drop. – Fixed issue syncing Highrise account with no contacts present. asics gel nimbus uomo – Fixed issue where certain events in Google could be moved to a different Google calendar after syncing with ACT!. – Added option to transfer cleared records in CLTC. New Balance 996 femme – Fixed issue where “Acct:” prefix could sync from handheld device back into BCM. – Added support for sending ACT!/GM linking info to Outlook calendar note when configured for iPhone via Outlook. – Added conflict resolution settings for WiFi sync. – Fixed issue where certain unicode characters could prevent data from syncing with Palm Desktop. – Fixed issues syncing xml characters with Google phone fields. Air Jordan 7 Homme – Fixed issues syncing “last day of the month” recurring events with Google. Adidas Yeezy 350 Femme – Improved category filter interface for CompanionLink Express/Pro/FA. – Fixed issue where relabeled email field in Google could cause email deletion in Zoho.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 01/22/10 version 3.0 build 3088 * Fixed a bug where the synchronization could continuously run when a webOS device is connected to the PC * Added more field to mappings for Google * Fixed issue with parsing time zone on all day recurring events in Google Fixes in companionlink.exe 01/18/10 version 3.0 build 3087 * Added support for new Android USB sync method (requires CL USB Sync 1.2 or higher installed on the Android device). Nike Chaussures Homme * Sped up purge and reload for Google * Fix for Palm Desktop 6.2 max note size being too small * Fix for birthdays creating old alarms when transferring from OL to ACT! * Added field mapping for User1-10 for Android direct sync * Fix for some BB OS 4.5 devices transferring untimed records at the wrong time Fixes in companionlink.exe 01/05/10 version 3.0 build 3086 * Fixed a bug where memos were synching to Google incorrectly when CL was configured to reverse contact name order (Last, ugg classic mini First). nike tn femme blanche When purchasing CompanionLink be sure to use Affinity Code TB5222….

Came across this info, Adidas Zx Flux Femme Porte and thought you’d be interested: GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0, Nike Air Max 2017 femme expected in June or before will be compatible with 32 & 64-bit versions of Windows 7.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 10/12/2010 build 4019 * Fixed an issue where synchronizing would cause some unicode characters to appear garbled in Outlook Fixes in companionlink.exe 10/05/2010 build 4018 * Added support for synching user fields with Android USB. new balance homme pas cher * Fixed a bug where CompanionLink would occasionally report invalid Palm username for Palm Desktop version 6 configurations. asics kinsei * Fixed an issue where the evaluation reminder message would pop-up more often than needed. timberland pas cher * Fixed a bug where autosync with webOS would remain enabled after disabling in CL settings. Nike Cortez enfants * Added support for synching Outlook contact/calendar/task notes that contain more than 32k characters. asics gel nimbus 15 femme NOTE: This feature only applies when synching to another platform that also supports notes greater than 32k characters. New Balance 998 femme * General UI enhancements.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 12/1/2010 build 4026 * Fixed issue where contacts with multiple categories were sometimes not syncing to Google properly. Adidas Powerlift 2 Homme * Added a recent IP addresses dropdown for iPhone and Android Wi-Fi sync. * Fixed issues with the “Last Sync Time” not updating properly. louboutin pas cher * Fixed an issue where SalesForce task changes were not syncing. final fantasy xiv buy gil * Fixed an issue with category filter when a single category is selected. * Added support for syncing OL task fields, start date, percent complete and status to DejaOffice. louboutin pas cher * Fixed an issue where in some cases CL would not detect .NET 2.0 was installed. Nike Free Rn Flyknit Femme * Fixed an issue where CompanionLink would not install on Korean locale systems. * Fixed an issue with CLFA syncing with BlackBerry via USB. New Balance 1300 homme * Fixed an issue where Android Wi-Fi and Hosted wireless was limiting the calendar and tasks notes to 32k characters. Nike Air Max Thea Homme Bleu Fixes in companionlink.exe 11/15/2010 build 4025 * Fixed issue where CompanionLink would create excessively large log files in some cases. vente chaussures running new balance * Added support for synching memos with BlackBerry via CL Secure Hosted Sync.

CompanionLink, nike air max flyknit donna the best way to synchronize GoldMine’s calendar, New Balance 990 femme contacts and tasks to Outlook and SmartPhones is now fully compatible with GoldMine 9.0.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 05/17/10 version 3.0 build 3097 * Added PDA option for Apple iPhone Wi-Fi Sync. ugg classic mini Works with DejaOffice v1.04 and higher. adidas stan smith homme noir Fixes in companionlink.exe 05/13/10 version 3.0 build 3096 * Fixed a bug where alarms were ringing on Android DejaOffice for outdated recurring events. Nike Air Max Command Femme * Fixed a bug where username fields were being truncated in certain cases. Nike Homme Fixes in companionlink.exe 04/28/10 version 3.0 build 3095 * Fixed memory leak with BCM 2010. * Improved stability with BCM 2010. Fixes in companionlink.exe 04/27/10 version 3.0 build 3094 * Added Outlook 2010 support * Added BCM 2010 support * Fixed bug with recurring todos sometimes showing up on wrong date * Added support for ACT! 12 French HotFix 6 * Fixed bug with recurring alarms not transferring to Pre Fixes in companionlink.exe 03/12/10 version 3.0 build 3092 * Fixed a bug where annual recurring, all-day events could sync with wrong date after March 15, 2010. nike tn femme * (Pro only)Fixed a bug where calendar updates could fail when synching wirelessly with Lotus Notes. adidas bounce homme Fixes in companionlink.exe 03/08/10 version 3.0 build 3091 * Added Mobile Phone 2 field mapping option for BlackBerry OS version 5.0 and higher. Adidas Zx Flux Femme * Added ability to sync Android/Palm Pre USB to multiple PCs. Asics Gel Lyte 3 Homme * Fixed a bug with Palm Pre USB that sometimes did not transfer deleted records. adidas gazelle homme grise * Fixed a bug with recurrence patterns for first weekday of month, first day of month, etc for Android. * Fixed bug with Outlook recurring events when in a different timezone than the record and syncing to Android via USB. nike air force 1 enfants * Added autosync support to CL Express when configured for Lotus Notes. * Fix a bug that sometimes prevented CL from correctly reading Outlook subfolders.