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I’ve gotten a couple of emails in the last week that go something like this: “Hi Chad… I am having a bit of an issue that the Goldmine folks couldn’t help me with after over an hour on the phone. Adidas Zx Flux Homme Noir All I need is a report showing Completed appointments (and calls if possible) during a certain date range with columns: userid, company, contact, date.” It’s pretty simple. Here’s the SQL Query you’ll need for something very similar, I’ll add a few more columns that I think many people will want. nike air jordan 13 uomo To change the date range change the first (beginning date) and second date (ending date) in the FROM clause.

 SELECT   conthist.userid                                            ,           Nike Blazer Femme CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), conthist.ondate, 101) AS activity_date,          conthist.ref                                               ,          CASE                   WHEN srectype = 'A'                   THEN 'Appt'                   WHEN srectype = 'C'                   THEN 'Call'                   WHEN srectype = 'O'                   THEN 'Other'                   WHEN srectype = 'T'                   THEN 'Action'          END AS activity_type,           Nike Air Max 97 Homme    ,           nike kwazi femme    ,          conthist.actvcode   ,          conthist.resultcode FROM     contact1          INNER JOIN conthist          ON       contact1.accountno = conthist.accountno          AND      conthist.ondate BETWEEN '1/1/2010' AND      '1/31/2013' WHERE    srectype IN ('A',                        Adidas Superstar Femme Blanche 'C',                        Adidas Ultra Boost Femme 'O',                        Nike Air Huarache Homme 'T') ORDER BY userid,          

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